Monday, March 28, 2011

Stitch Me Happy

When I heard that Aria Therin had released some new things in her shop Stitch, I rushed over to Harvest Moon to see for myself. Here's what I found... and just in time for the warmer weather!

  I instantly fell in love with her cute summery sundress "Talia", and its pretty crochet accents.
 If you haven't heard of Stitch yet, it's because Aria has been working hard behind the scenes to help bring the Harvest Moon sim to life, and has also been working on her other store, Therin Homes.
The second dress, Ella, puts me in a summery mood, ready to hit the beach!  I've paired it with the sweet "Jewel" sandals from Coriander.  Just love these.  Stitch is sure to be a hothouse of talent, and so far, you can find some ultra cute summery dresses, pants and bathing suits.  Go see!

Next is the ultra-cute "Miss Black Cherry" dress by My Lolita with cute Mary Jane shoes and socks included. I just love how fun this outfit is!  I would have taken a pic of the great corset and victorian bloomers, but my graphics card was acting up.  You'll just have to trust me that they're gorgeous!

The super-talented Talia Fournier has branched out from her Paparazzi skins and clothing store and opened the super fun gothy girly store "My Lolita" with her main location on the Harvest Moon sim. Check her out and keep an eye for more exciting styles from Talia.

Lastly, we have a mash-up look of various things I threw together, inspired by the stockings and skirt in the "Calamity" set from Stellar.  I just love the fun sheer stockings with the rolled-down sculpted tops.  I've paired them with a new pair of  Angelica boots from iNEDIT, a new store also found on the Harvest Moon sim, near Stitch.  I didn't much care for the top that came with Stellar's Calamity set, so I mucked about in my closet and pulled out a white tank from Sassy! and the Charming sweater by Envious that can be found in the freebie store on InWorldz Desert Island.  Lastly, I snagged my Bette Long Necklace, that came with a dress of the same name, by Adored.

Of course, the Hair!  All styles shown today are works in progress by me, for my upcoming "Destiny Hair" shop.  As soon as those go live, I'll be sure to let you know. I hope something here has tickled your fancy, and I'll be back next time with more looks for your InWorldz shopping pleasure.

Happy Shopping!

Style Credits:

Outfit #1
Dress: Talia by Aria Therin of Stitch
Skin: Ethereal Caramel by Paparazzi
Makeup: Candy Mystique by Paparazzi
Cyndra Hair - Strawberry (Destiny Hair, not open yet)
Pose by Morgane Batista

Outfit #2
Dress: Ella by Aria Therin of Stitch
Skin: Ethereal Caramel by Paparazzi
Makeup: Candy Mystique by Paparazzi
Jewel Sandals - Gold/Silver by Coriander
Angel Hair - Strawberry (Destiny Hair, not open yet)
Pose by Lydia Cremorne Posture Perfect

Outfit #3
Miss Black Cherry Dress (and Shoes!) by My Lolita
Ethereal Latte Skin by Paparazzi
Leah Hair - Strawberry (Destiny Hair, not open yet)
Pose by Morgane Batista

Outfit #4
Sassy! Tank Top - White
Charming Sweater by Envious
Calamity Skirt by Stellar
Calamity High Socks by Stellar
Bette Long Necklace by Adored
Angelica Boots by iNEDIT
Ethereal Latte Skin by Paparazzi
Cyndra Hair - Strawberry (Destiny Hair, not open yet)
Pose by Morgane Batista

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shock and Aww

A few of you have noticed I've been a bit absent of late.  That's because ever since Friday afternoon, to our delight and surprise, we are now home to three bouncing beautiful new kids! Kids of the furry variety, that is.  I'd like to introduce you to Bailey, Billy, and Buttercup.... my new kids!

They came into this world a little bit earlier than I was expecting, and yet, I think their timing was perfect, and just in time for a weekend of snuggles and hugs and lavishing of all kinds of attention.  One of my friends said, "You should blog them"!  "On a fashion blog?" I wondered out loud.  To which they replied there was never a bad time for cute baby goats.  I think I have to agree! 

So here you go, if you're wondering where my time is being spent lately, just take a look at these faces and see if you don't feel the pull of the snuggle magnet. Please excuse the blurry pics, it's so hard to get these cute little bundles of joy to hold still. 

Awww... don't you just want to scoop them up and hug them?  I do!

So, thanks for humoring me, and please excuse my "out of character" post. I promise I'll be back to sharing the best of virtual worlds, and InWorldz fashion with you again soon!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wish Come True!

It's been a few months waiting patiently for the talented and very busy Ophelia Rose of Wish Hair to open her doors.  The wait was worth it!  In that time, she built an incredible new mainstore on Harvest Moon and a gorgeous flowery meadow surrounded by all kinds of wonderful shops to explore.

The crowds started flocking to Wish when word about the Grand Opening went grid wide.

I fell through the floor but didn't let that stop me from my shopping frenzy.  I quickly made my way to the "Haylee" hair and faster than lightning hit the buy button for the Reds pack. Mine!!

I really love the hair dye bottle the hair comes packed in, and the supercute animation it has when you wear it to unpack.  Careful though... don't get it in your eyes!  Oh, and note to self, try not to pour your champagne down your back next time.

Don't let bad hair days get you down.  Hurry over to Wish and make a wish come true.  Viola!  Gorgeous lustrous shiny new locks, made with "locks of love" from the talented Ophelia Rose.  Thank you Ophelia!


Whole lotta ketchup

Alright so it's catch up time!  I've been a busy little party animal, hardly getting a thing done, except for having loads of fun in InWorldz!  Thought I better post some pics of all the action, so I can pretend I'm actually working.

So the last few days we have been gearing up for the big grand opening of the Harvest Moon sim.  Started off with a great little impromptu party at Jack and Talia's new flagship main store for Paparazzi, My Lolita and Dream e'Scapes.

Things got more than a little wild when the camel came on scene.  That's the elusive and ever enchanting Ophelia Rose of Wish Hair.

Those of us without such gorgeous rides resorted to our bouncy balls from Abranimations. 

Of course the super stylish Talia Fournier of Paparazzi and My Lolita fame stole the show with her crazy rabid squirrel dance.  You kinda had to be there.

You're really going to love the new Miss Baby Blue dress by My Lolita!  Her shop is open as of today and if you hurry you can find a great pair of pink Mary Jane's at the entrance.  Also, all Paparazzi skins are on sale at 1/2 off this weekend only, so don't hurry to fast as you pass by, and make sure to grab the great giftie on the counter!

After all the fun at the Lolita-Razzi party, I was more than a little hung over, so first thing in the morning I was whisked away to Midsommer for coffee.  Mmmmm, great way to start the day!

We got to playing around with the new hair I'm making and even got Maxwell to try it on, though it's hard to see in the pic because his head was so big.

He quickly took it off saying he didn't want to upstage Whiskey by wearing better hair than hers.  Chivalry is not dead! But shhhh don't tell Whiskey he said that! (We miss you Whiskey!  Come in and play with us!)
Mera looked great in it, almost like it was made for her.

I loved it on Leanna as well, with her cute fae ears poking through.  Be sure to tell her how pretty her dress is or she'll whack you with that marshmallow stick!

All that relaxing got us well rested and ready for the big Grand Opening event at Harvest Moon, where we danced the afternoon away to tunes by DJ Maxwell Wildcat

The lovely Aria Therin made an appearance but wasn't feeling so well so did not stay long, but wow what a great job she and Ophelia and Elliot did getting the sim ready for the party. 
Here's a great pic of Ophelia (owner of Wish Hair) and her sweetheart Elliot Beck looking fabulous at the Grand Opening bash.
Harvest Moon has some beautiful shops available still, so hurry on over if you're looking for a classy place to showcase your product.  You won't be disappointed, and do take the time to explore around a little.

Walk through the lush meadow and forest paths, along the streams and past beautiful waterfalls.  Enjoy a the sweet little coffee shop with the deck out back and views of the ocean.  Stroll along the boardwalk shops and circle back around to the Meadow, the lighthouse, and Wish hair.

So many things to list, you'll just have to go see for yourself.  There's a great little shop in view of the coffee shop called the "Infosnug" where you can find all manner of wonderful freebie items from the generous merchants of Harvest Moon.  Thanks so much!

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair Fly

So by now, you've probably all heard that Damselfly has opened a sim in InWorldz.  And yes, I'm still holding out for Truth hair to make their appearance.  But for now, hooray, new hair! 

I know... why am I blogging about a hair place when I'm going to be making hair?  Simple... it's what I do, blog about new stuff, fashions, styles and hair in InWorldz.  That and it's so hard to resist new hair.  Just helping out my fellow hair-flys.  You know you can't resist, either.  Just sayin.

There has been a steady stream of customers every time I've gone to Damselfly for a visit.  Here we see Gia Capalini and one of her fellow models from Allure Modeling agency, browsing the goods and filling up their shopping bags.

I've selected two styles to share with you; Lexandra and Lavynder. Both are wavy styles, though the Lexandra is a longer, fuller style, and the Lavynder is a great wavy shoulder length style.
 I purchased the "Mixed" color packs so I have six colors to enjoy from all the major color packs.  Have to admit though, I'm still not thrilled with the red shades from Damselfly.  But being a natural red-head I'm a bit picky.  Still, there are some lovely styles from a talented creator who has been making hair on the SL grid for years.  Plenty of wonderful things to choose from here!
 While the entire selection is not here yet, Shylah Honey is working at bringing over the other styles and has posted information on how you can request your favorite styles from SL to be brought over.  Keen-eyed Leanna Caerndow was quick to point out that they forgot to remove the "AVN" from the signage.  Oopsie! 

Upon landing at the main store on Damselfly Hair Salon sim, turn around and you can see that construction is underway for the "Dragonfly Skins for Life" shop.

Hurry on over to Dragonfly Hair Salon to see what's new.  And guys, don't feel left out!  There are a few great styles for men as well, though most are the longer variety, there are a few short styles to choose from.  They are all mixed in with the ladies hair though, so you have to explore a bit.

Have fun shopping!

Style Credits:
Hair by Damselfly
Eloyse Dress by Alafolie
Ethereal Skin in Vanilla by Paparazzi
Everyday Lashes by B[u]y Me!
Poses: Posture Perfect & Morgane Batista's Pose Shop

All styles and locations can be found in the virtual world of InWorldz

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sargasso Angel

Mysterious as the Sargasso Sea... this new Limited Edition gown by Chigadee London.

All the beauty of Sargasso can be yours, only you don't have to travel to the Bermuda Triangle to find it.  It's here for you... at Couture Chapeau in InWorldz.

Decided to twist my hair up into a more formal look, softened by romantic tendrils.


ML Sargasso Gown LE by Chigadee London of Couture Chapeau
Mystic Necklace and Earrings set by Whispering Jewels
Hair - Another project in the works by me =)
Model Series Skin by CMC Creations
Pose by Posture Perfect

All styles and shop locations found within InWorldz

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Among the flowers...

Among the flowers lightly she tread
Through violets blue and roses red.
Along meadows drowsy with honey bees
in Agatta by Alafolie.

I'm wearing the lovely flowing flowery dress "Agatta" by Pixivor Allen of Alafolie.  You can find Alafolie tucked away beside the lush meadow at the beautiful shops of Harvest Moon, in InWorldz.  The gown flows so lovely as you walk and comes with shoes!

Enjoy your visit to the shops of Harvest Moon, and remember to stop and smell the flowers.



Style Credits:
Dress: Agatta by Alafolie
Skin: Model Series by CMC Creations
Pose: Posture Perfect
Hair: A little project I'm working on :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Allure Fashion Show - Mardi Gras InWorldz 2011

The good times were rolling in InWorldz yesterday.  Mardi Gras was a whirl of entertainment, events and celebrations.  It was easy to get lost in all the commotion and events, but one event in particular really outdid them all, for me, the Allure Fashion Show.  I had the pleasure of attending Allure Modeling Agency's very first fashion show in InWorldz on Mardi Gras.  Let's let the pictures do most of the talking!

Produced by Raven Dulce of Belissima, and her poised and elegant models, the show got off to a rough start with lag, but eventually after moving to a less impacted sim, went off without a hitch.  It was very professionally done and a most engaging show! I really enjoyed it.

I've taken a few pictures to share with you, all completely un-retouched (I just don't have the time!), but the styles and talent shine through.

Featured at the show were designs by M!raMode, Durga Design, Haute Couture, and Couture Chapeau, with poses by Morgane Batista.  Bravo ladies!

Angel wears Queen of Hearts by Couture Chapeau
Raven wears Mardi Gras by MiraMode
Angel wears Oreal Native Dress
Tori wears Aurora by Haute Couture
Andromeda wears Elenia in white by Durga Design
Gia wears Diane by Haute Couture
Tori wears Orangia Showgirl Costume by Couture Chapeau
Gia wears Isis by Durga Design
Tori wears White Panther by Durga Design
Angel wears Seduced by Haute Couture
Gia wears Vegas by Haute Couture
Tori wears Fantasia by Durga Design
Gia and DarkRaven wear the King & Queen by M!raMode

Well done Allure!  The show was marvelous, and we'll be looking forward to more to come on the fashion scene in InWorldz from Raven Dulce and Allure Modeling Agency. Thank you!

Kiss kiss!