Monday, November 29, 2010

I've got a Fling for You

I've been working on a sweet little crochet camisole sweater for you this week. This is Fling, in blue with teal flowers. You can find it and other colors soon at Fashion Destiny at Equinox (Dream e'Scapes) or at my shop on Big Blue Easy.

Finishing out the look with darling sexy ski pants by the Style Shop at Equinox, Troya slides by Earthstones, a beautiful new skin "Altonia" as the December group gift from Pulse, and flouncy springy "Jasime" hair from Deviant Designs.

Style Credits:
Camisole - FLING by Fashion Destiny
Skin - ALTONIA December Gift by Pulse
Pants - Ski Pants by Equinox
Shoes -Troya Slides by Earthstones
Hair - Jasime in Chestnut by Deviant Designs

All Styles can be found in InWorlds


Sunday, November 21, 2010


I attended a building class InWorldz at the Equinox at Dream e'Scapes sim and learned a lot of very useful tips! I highly recommend this series of classes, led via voice (Skype) for both novices as well as seasoned builders. Saera teaches in a very patient and inspiring style full of examples and hands-on experience.

There were more than a few "light bulb" moments for us, and we learned some things that will really make building things so much quicker and easier, such as optimal build option settings, building on the world grid, maneuvering and snap-aligning prims through the grid channel, and how to avoid the horrors of "prim flicker".

Did you know that when two prims are overlapping and give that terrible graphic flickering, also known as "prim flicker", that this is actually registering to the server as a prim "collision" which is contributing to lag. I had no idea! Sloppy building techniques can harm your business as well as your visitor's experience by increasing lag and causing people to leave, so drop by the next Primspinner building class, learn a few things and find yourself immersed in a great class with some very classy people.

Another tip shared was something I wish I had known about years ago, and so simple to use. I'm sure most of you have used the Alt+click to focus in on an object and then use the camera controls to rotate around it. Well if you simply add one more key press and make that Ctrl+Alt+click and keep the mouse button pressed down while you move it, you then can freely rotate all around the object. This bit alone will save so much time for me, and was quite an eye opener.

For more info on upcoming building classes, join the Primspinner group InWorldz watch Saera's blog. And if you would like to see an incredibly detailed example of her work, visit the Equinox Lodge and take a tour around. You'll likely stumble into Saera, who is usually very happy to take new people around to see the sights.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something Brewing

Tempting you with my latest creation... You're gonna want to snuggle up to this cozy sweater "Brew" and chase all your cares away. BUT it's not in my shop InWorldz yet. I am still testing it out and working on a few more colors, red, purple maybe a few others (suggestions?) then it's all yours! I hope you like it!



Style Credits
Sweater: Brew by Fashion Destiny
Jeans: FD Jeans by Fashion Destiny
Boots: Kenai by Stellar
Hair: Sally by Emo-tions
Skin: Wheat M5 by Pulse
Poses: AAA Poses

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Come In Out of the Cold!

Light glimmered through the window across the snow to the icy slope where I stood. The Equinox ski lift at my back, a slippery slope down and across the icy pond, then up the stairs to the warm and inviting Equinox lodge. I was caught. Transfixed as a firefly at the beauty of it, at the promise of warmth, and lured oh so inexorably towards the flame of what might be inside.

Finding my way to the door (after several repeated attempts at walking through the window. Doh!) I meandered my way back past the massive stone fireplace to the lounge where cozy vignettes of comfortable seats nestled along the massive picture windows and the breathtaking crystalline views beyond.

It was not long, gazing out at the strikingly beautiful scene, before I looked up to find myself transfixed by the cheerful smile of Saera Pfeffer, the very builder of this incredible place! We got to chatting about the build, and some of their dreams for the place, and Saera took me on a walk to the Community tree in the courtyard. It's waiting for anyone to bring a free decoration to hang among the evergreen branches, to spread a little cheer and lift the spirits of those who come this way. So, if you'd like to contribute an ornament of your own, don't be shy! Bring it on by to Equinox and hang it up on the tree making sure to make it free to copy, or $0 I'z, so others can take it home with them to hang on their own trees. I imagine it would be okay to tuck a pretty present beneath the tree as well, if you felt so inclined.

As we were wandering around, Saera found out that I had a dream of starting a clothing shop, but so far I only had made one pair of jeans and didn't feel I was ready to open yet. She led me to a cute little shop, right next to the giant tree and across from the Lodge... and offered it to me, saying "I'm going to motivate you... cause thats how this kitty rolls!" On the condition that before I can have it officially... I have to create 2 more things! WOW! To say I was excited and honored and inspired by the extremely generous offer is putting it lightly!

I wandered in to this place called Equinox, all cold and lonely, drifting out of the chill and into the warmth of genuine friendship and good will, as well as a re-kindled dream, and a gentle nudge to get out there and make it happen. Thank you to Saera and her beautiful mother Talia Fournier, who says, "It's kind of our dream for this sim... to inspire and help creators however we can."

That's the kind of magic that happens here InWorldz! If you get a chance, come visit the beautiful Equinox Lodge at the sim called Dream e'Scapes. Soon you'll be able to ski the slopes or ice skate on the frozen pond, shop and play to your heart's content, or relax with friends by candlelight and laugh the night away while the bands play. Already the cobbled lane of shops is filling up with some great stores. Come, enjoy this winter wonderland!


Style Credits
Sweater: Timeless Knit Dress by Stellar
Boots: Kenai by Stellar
Hair: Patrice by Deviant Designs
Skin: Wheat M5 by Pulse

Falling for Stellar

Falling for a new-to-me store called Stellar, here InWorldz. Love the quality!

I was searching for a sweater to wear to the winter lodge at Equinox when Whiskey Day suggested a few shops to go try. When I found this snuggly knit dress "Timeless" I just had to have it.. and the nearby Kenai boots. LOVE!!!

Sweater: Timeless Knit Dress by Stellar
Boots: Kenai by Stellar
Hair: Patrice by Deviant Designs
Skin: Wheat M5 by Pulse

FIND ALL OF THESE STYLES in the new virtual world called INWORLDZ

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How do you... Do

Week two of Whisky Day's InWorldz Blogger Challenge and I'm here on top of the roof of a guest house at Pulse Skins, painting. It's a glorious day, fluffy drifting clouds, and incredible views of the ocean. When I saw the easel there set up ready to paint, it called to me. And so here I am, hopefully not trespassing! It's such a beautiful sim and has so many nooks and surprises just waiting around each corner for the intrepid shopper to discover. I hope you have a chance to go see and experience it for yourself.

So what is it you spend your time doing here InWorldz? Well, when I'm not exploring, and hanging out with friends, and shopping... my true love is to CREATE. That can mean many things for many people. For me, I love to make things, create a new garden landscape for my ever-changing home, build a shop, design clothes, put together a new look. Or we can take it to another level... a more emotional, ethereal realm and sometimes more lasting level.. in our quest to create new friendships, create mischief or havoc (I've been known to do both! They usually go hand in hand), or create lasting memories by sharing ourselves and our time with the people of InWorldz. There's no wrong answer here, and only the immense diversity that is within us all, to reveal the canvas of our souls.

Speaking of create, I'm wearing a darling fluttery babydoll dress, Twig, created by little known designer, Jadelyn Mandrake of Botanique. When I tried on the dress I immediately felt myself whisked away on a summersoft breeze to a time of billowing curtains on afternoon verandahs, sipping lemonade, and indulging in the simple pleasures of life, like painting this lovely seascape.

Go explore. Dream. And make this world exactly as you want it to be... for we'll all be so much more enriched and enlivened for it. A warm and thoughtful thank you to those that are brave enough to be completely, genuinely, true to themselves, and share their visions of expression here with us at InWorldz. You make the world a better place!

Style Credits
Dress - Twig Dress, Purple by Botanique
Hair - Sally, naturals by Emo-tions
Skin - Wheat, M5 by Pulse

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best of InWorldz - Big Blue Easy

I admit it. I've been languishing, adrift in the sea of virtual worlds, until I happened upon a blog by Whiskey Day outlining a new InWorldz Blogger Challenge. *Gasp!* /me thinks! I used to love blogging and while I still stumble through the mind-boggling amount of SL blogs, mainly to keep up on fashion, I have been remiss in my own blogging, with my last post being somewhere around January. Not sure if I am even allowed to call myself a "Blogger" with such infrequent posts, so I figure I'll saddle up again and start over. New Blog. New Virtual World.

This blog will be a catalog of events and discoveries in a rapidly growing virtual world called InWorldz. The people, the fashion, the beautiful and creative places to explore, create, have fun or just relax.

So here it goes with my very first Blogger's Challenge ... InWorldz Best! As my choice in "BEST OF INWORLDZ" I choose to post about a Sim called Big Blue Easy. It's Big. It's Beautiful. And it's way Easy to find all kinds of things you'll just love! It's a gorgeous shopping sim, beautifully landscaped, and chock full of some incredible talented designers. Shapes by Heavenly Bodies, Skins at Mirror Mirror, Jewelry Shoes and Accessories at Earthstones, gorgeous gowns at Simply Fae, Evie's Closet, and Mer-Elf Creations. More modern fashionable attire can be found at FakE, Botanique, Moon Dance Designs and Pixel This.

Oh and eventually I'll get my own store going there as well, but so far I've just been renting a big empty building there for a few months full of nothing but dreams while I wrestle my RL into letting me have more time to create. I've made a pair of hand drawn jeans so far, but they're not in the store yet, that would be just too lonely.

So today we're going to showcase a gorgeous corset top I found at Pixel This! It's a luscious deep Hot Pink corset and is called "Zipped". You can see the display on the wall behind me and it sells for only 199 I'z. The shade went so well with the jeans I made, I just couldn't pass it up. The back of the corset is a sexy laced up back, with the alluring and teasing zipper in the front. So playful and yet very adaptable. Wear it as a swimsuit.. or top your favorite jeans or skirt with it. Visit Pixel This to grab your own, and follow the boardwalk through the swamp to find these other great designers. Happy shopping!


Pixel This - Modern fashion
Mirror Mirror - Skins
Moon Dance Designs - Modern fashion
Simply Fae - Gowns, Fae and Fairy clothes
Evie's Closet - Gowns
S&R Garden Center - Landscaping
Mer-Elf Creations - Gowns
Heavenly Bodies - Shapes
Botanique - Modern fashion
Earthstones - Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories
FakE - Modern fashion

Style Credits:
Top/Corset - Zippered, Hot Pink by Pixel This
Hair - Luxi, Rose by Deviant Designs
Skin - Wheat/M5 by Pulse
Jeans - Um.. made by me (not found in stores... yet anyway!)